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Ten Common Mistakes Even Healthy People Make


Every move you make, and every breath you take is a great blessing and an
opportunity to enjoy a healthy life Every choice you make and every sip you
take is a key to a healthy life. Your eating habits, living style, and friends
circle affect your physical as well as your mental health. Avoid these little
mistakes—some of them can sabotage your health badly. Even when you try
your best to eat a healthy diet, knowing everything about nutrition facts is not
easy. Even healthy people make some little mistakes every day, which are
affecting their health gradually. These are some mistakes to avoid because
staying conscious of your activities about health is called a half battle.

  1. Skipping Breakfast

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we can understand the morning rush to get ready for the office or get to work.
Usuahttps://www.healthyfood.com/lly, it means skipping or ignoring breakfast and grabbing processed food.
It is understood a day started without a healthy breakfast deprives your body
of the energy it requires for the whole day. Quality protein keeps your stomach
full and maintains your metabolism set for the rest of the day. Skipping
breakfast results in slow metabolism, and poor mental health, and causes
migraines. A healthy breakfast can boost your metabolism.

2. Too Little Sleep

 A little sleep can cause many health issues.
 Short sleeping time can affect learning ability and cause memory loss.
 Getting less sleep can increase your risk of heart attack and harm your
mental health.
 7 to 9 hours of sleep are needed to live a healthy.
 Poor sleep habits can reduce your attention span.
 Less sleep causes irritation, stress anxiety, and a bad mood for the
whole day.
 Less sleep directly affects our motivation for full-day tasks.
 Sleep deprivation increases mental disorders which results in anger and
 Sleeping less also results in an invitation to chronic diseases.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking enough water every day is important because the human body is
made up of 80% of water our body uses it to regulate its organs and tissues
properly. We are made up of water more than anything else, says Marjan
Moghaddam, D.O. a family medicine doctor with Henry Ford Health.
“Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily is what is recommended. Six is
fine for most people, and eight if you are more active. Water deficiency can
cause Dizziness, mental stress, headache, severe constipation and even it can
lead to death. Little water is the reason for contraction in brain vessels, Water
intake can be a remedy for constipation which is called the mother of diseases.

4. Sitting Too Much

problems, such as bloating, constipation, stress, anxiety, and even cancer.
Moreover, it causes obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and fat
around the waist, and also causes cardiovascular disease and cancer. To
mitigate the risk of over-sitting you should take a break while sitting for a long
time. Sitting too much also raises the risks of heart attack and diabetes.
Moving all day can lower your health risks. Moreover, you could get(DVT)
Deep vein thrombosis is a clot form in your legs. So it is a good idea to break
long sitting sessions after every 30 minutes According to the research sitting
too much for a long time can cause serious health.

5. Ignoring Your Mental Health

It is understood that mental health can have negative effects on physical
health. But many of us don’t realize how far-reaching the consequences can
be. Additionally, people with poor mental health also suffer from anxiety,
depression, and frustration. Falling mental health disturbs your immune
system badly and makes your body weak day by day. People suffering from
mental disability also avoid communication with their loved ones which
results in isolation and self-destruction. Furthermore, a mentally disabled
person can ignore his partner which results in relationship difficulties.

6. Vaping and Smoking

Both vaping and smoking are affecting our bodies badly especially damaging our
lungs and increasing the risks of cancer. DC, the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA), and state and local health departments, are continuously
monitoring the smoking tobacco and vaping products used and their effects on
the lungs. smoking damages every organ of the human body. There are 480,000
deaths in a year in the US of which 90% are lung cancer deaths. Vaping and
smoking can impair the immune system it can trigger asthma attacks and strokes.
People using e-cigarettes are at high risk of respiratory disease. Vaping can also
delay brain development in teenagers.

7. Not Getting Enough Protein

Protein deficiency means not consuming enough protein to meet your body’s
needs. Protein is an important macronutrient- a nutrient the body needs in a
large amount. Protein helps body growth, maintains cells, and boosts our
energy level. Lack of protein greatly affects body muscles and weakens the
immune system. Protein is an essential component of skin, nails and hair.
Protein deficiency results in dull skin and hair fall.

8. Waiting Too Long to Hit the Bathroom

Holding your pee for a long time can be risky for infection to leakage. Don’t
Wait or ignore your urge to pee. Our bladder can hold 20 to 30 ounces of
liquid. The bladder is a flexible organ of only 3 inches when it is empty.
Michael Ingber MD a female Urologist says “Routinely pushing your bladder
to its limits can have serious consequences. Moreover, waiting too long to pee
can increase the risks of urinary tract infections that are painful.

9. Drinking Diet Soda

Every food and drink you add to
your diet affects your body. Diet
soda is also known as a pop or
zero-sugar soft drink. Drinking
soda can affect our dental health
and cause cavities. The acidity in
different soda drinks can cause
tooth erosion. Using too much
diet soda also leads to less sleep
and high risks of heart attack.
Diet soda affects our bone health.

10. Over Doing Painkillers

Many people rely on painkillers and supplements. Taking too much medicine
can cause stomach disturbance and liver damage.
Staying away from medicines and finding natural resources should be our priority
to keep our bodies healthy. Medicine addiction is dangerous for our brain and
body organs as well

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