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Best Apps For Managing Your Time And Your Life

Best Apps For Managing Your Time And Your Life

Everything looks good when organized, whether it’s your room, desk, or even your car. Imagine coming home after a busy day only to realize that even your bedroom doesn’t look like a good place to rest right now. Similarly, If you work online, you may have felt the need to take control of your schedule because everything can seem messy.

Countless open tabs, piles of unidentifiable folders, stubborn distractions – everything starts to fall apart. Clock in Clock Out app organizes your virtual life and work environment by creating better routines.


A time-tracking app is also essential at work. It facilitates, speeds up, and helps equally on the business and personal levels. RegardingBuddy Punch is the best you will find on the market regarding the working environment. The brilliantly designed clock-in clock-out app allows you to monitor the presence of the last, time off, and other activities in real-time. The price is affordable, and the maintenance is very simple. You also don’t need the knowledge of an IT expert to install and use it.

2. Rize:

If it’s hard to remember what you’ve done during the day, and you hate to write down constantly, you’ll be grateful for this app. Thanks to it, you will have more control over your time because you will achieve much more at the end of the day. It’s an opportunity to improve productivity, build habits, and increase focus. Best of all, you won’t have to enter new information manually; the app will do it automatically. For example, you will know how many hours you have worked and how much time you need to focus. Don’t forget to monitor your time on social networks because many things distract us during the day without realizing it. It “learns” from your habits and records and suggests how to organise your busy day.

3. Todoist:

The multi-platform application has numerous options for creating to-do lists, task planning, collaboration, and synchronisation. It is an advanced tool for creating a list where you can write down all your obligations, plans, tasks, and thoughts. You also get many options for formatting text and organizing notes. A colour coding system on each task determines the priority of that task, which means that you will prioritise more easily. Another advantage of this app is that it works in group work. You can easily share conversations and other media files.

4. Google Calendar:

Everyone knows about this app. Therefore, it does not need to be specially introduced, but we should not underestimate Google Calendar. Just because it’s available to everyone doesn’t mean it’s worse than the others. There are some cool options like highlighted colours and other advanced settings. This calendar allows you to be creative when creating your schedule and collaborate with others. You can also create unlimited reminders, schedule new tasks, etc. The dashboard offers many tools that make navigating through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks easy. After you create calendars, you can turn them on or off. You can schedule all meetings directly in the calendar; its functions are free.


In today’s hectic times, organization and productivity are extremely high on the priority list, and the mobile clock-in-the-clock-out app can come to our aid. Dropbox, Pocket, or Google Drive are probably already on your smartphone, but the offer is much wider. From numerous clock-in clock-out apps for iOS and Android, we selected a few useful ones to make your work tasks easier.

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